Friday, July 29, 2011


Well today was an overall great Friday! I had a good day at work and am going to miss my co-workers at Harbor Healthcare System soooo much! I have made many friends there and am so glad to be a part of their growing company. My bosses were kind enough to give me a recommendation to work at the Baytown office so I don't have to start all over somewhere else and look of another job! Yay! But I am still going to miss my Harbor family :( . But who knows, I might be working there again one day since Justin and I will be living in the area when I get out of school because of his new job. If they need a Medical Technologist in the future at one of their hospitals, of course.

I am also very excited about tomorrow because we (Justin, me, and his nephew Landon)  are going to look at 3 prospective houses that I might be moving in to in 2.5 short weeks! Ahhh! I hate moving but I am ready for some new scenery and new friends. They are all in the La Marque/Bacliff area, which is about 20 minutes from school, but about 45 minutes from work, ugh. But, oh well, I will make it work. We are also extremely happy to finally have our own place again. I am just going to miss my love so much because he is going to working 4 days on/4 days off. It sucks but again, we will make it work :) . Plus, I will be so busy with school/work, hopefully it won't be too bad. And I have my sweet babies to keep me company.

You will be seeing plenty of pictures of them, by the way lol.

Oh, and hopefully we can turn tomorrow into a little road trip and do some things in the Galveston/Kemah area.


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