Thursday, August 4, 2011


Gosh I am so ready to move!!!! We currently live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and the air conditioner works good just not good enough to cool the whole house down like we would like. At about  3p.m. when it is its hottest during the day, it gets about 80 degrees in here!! And we are warm natured people so we have the AC set on 67 lol. Too bad it only gets that cold at night.

But I guess that's one of the benefits of having our new, smaller house. It will be cold ALL of the time and it will be amazing!!!!!!!! I'm just not sure how we are going to fit all of our crap in there. To only be living together for 3 years, we have a lot of junk lol! And we have sold a lot of stuff lately! Unfortunately, this weekend I have to start going through all of the stuff that we currently still have in boxes from the last time we moved, and start throwing stuff away. Man I hate moving!! You never realize how much stuff you own until you have to pack it all up  and move it! Ugh!

I just hope that everything keeps going right for us like it has. We have been very blessed that everything is finally coming together in our life. I'm just worried that there is so much good happening, that something bad is bound to come around the corner and mess everything up! It would be nice if this wouldn't happen for once!! Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for what we have, but I would like our good karma to finally catch up with us.

-Crossing my fingers

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, we went and looked at a house in Texas City today and it was PERFECT!!! It's little and cute and just right for us! The 2nd bedroom is actually a loft upstairs with a spiral staircase. We picked it to be our room because it can get super cold and dark (just the way we like it!) but after looking at it today, it appears that our king size bed's head board is too tall, oopsie. Justin can barely stand in it lol, but I'm going to make it work because I want to sleep up there, and it has the bigger closet : ). We are just waiting on the landlord to call us back tomorrow with the ok to sign the lease, and I'm sure he will. We have great rental history!! haha

In honor of our most likely finding a place, I am going to list some pro's about moving the the Galveston County area:

1. It's about 25 minutes from school.
2. Oh and also from the beach. I would like to take Tidus running on the beach a few times a week when the weather cools off.
3. It's also about 20 minutes or so from Kemah and Seabrook, so when Justin has a few days off, we can go have dinner on the boardwalk and visit a friend that lives there.
4.There is a Hobby Lobby in League city, also around 25 minutes away! Yay! I love that place!
5. Also, when I get hungry for some Taco Bell (which I frequent), they have these!:

No, this isn't my picture, but I did share one with Justin on the way home!! I think it's called a Mega Jug, I mean, it's big enough to have its own handle, hehe. I don't think we even drank 1/2 of it, lol, but I love me some Pepsi!

6. And lastly but most importantly...... The Baybook Mall!!! It is a lot like Parkdale, but it also includes some aaaamazing stores such as Nine West, bebe, and Charlotte Russe! Oh, and it has a Forever XI that is bigger! Talk about heaven!

oh my gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So if anyone wants to come see me, and maybe be my shopping buddy, come on down!!

- The Squid