Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well, today didn't go at all as planned. We got up at 7 (wayyy too early for a Saturday BTW) and made our way down to La Marque, and looked at a few places, but the neighborhoods were terrible!! If I'm going to be living by myself, there is no way I can live next to sketchy people I don't trust! I mean, one place even had the air conditioner stolen from the back yard! Seriously! How can you show a house to people in that condition! Ugh, anyways, so we had to up our price range a little on rent, which isn't a problem, but just frustrating that we might have to take one of the few weekends we have left in this area, which I planned on using to see my parents one more time before I left, to drive back down there and look at other houses. At least we will know what areas to look in this time, and might have a little more of a productive day.  

So the lesson of the day is, if you are looking for a home for rent in the Galveston County area, DON'T go to La Marque expecting to find a decent home or neighborhood! How some people live the way that they do is beyond me. But oh well, I guess that's what separates me from them.

And that's my rant for the day. : )

Oh, and on a better note, is this not the cutest baby you have ever seen!!! Gosh, i love him!!

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